Find observations you observed first in some place

I found that some people (including me) want to know which of theirs observations are first for some area.

I found simple procedure.

  1. Export data for desired place.

I export all Croatian research data.

Query quality_grade= research &identifications= any &place_id= 8196 &hrank= species &verifiable= true

Columns user_login, created_at, quality_grade, scientific_name

  1. Import data in Excel, then order first by name, then date of creation, and at the end order by user login.

  2. At next free column, at the second row add this formula ( =IF(A2<>A1;C2;"") ) and then apply this formula to entire column by dragging or using ctrl+shift+end and ctrl+d.

This will look something like this:

At the end use filter on this last column to filter only cases where your name appears.

I hope that this will help someone :)


In my version of Excel, the formula needs commas, not semicolons:
=IF(A2<>A1, C2,“”)
Also, I think the C145 was probably just from the cell you grabbed, but if you’re setting it up in the second row ought to be C2.

Also, just to be clear, sequence the columns (left to right) as described and sort them A->Z.

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Thanks, you are correct, it is C2, like its shown on first photo.
I probably grab formula from 145 row, and then forget to edit this :)
I corrected that now.

You are also correct for delimiters, that time I used Open Office which use commas, and in Excel there must be semicolons.
I have two different computers, one with Windows and other with Linux so sometimes I mix things up.

Thank you for corrections and clarification :)

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