Up to 8 hours of scheduled downtime March 22-23

iNaturalist will be offline for up to 8 hours beginning at 7 pm Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7) on Tuesday, March 22 (that’s UTC 02:00 on March 23). Click to see in your local time.

During these several hours, you will not be able to post observations from the mobile apps or interact with the website or API in any way. The iNatForum will still be active.

The timing will likely be most inconvenient for those in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. We apologize in advance for anyone who is inconvenienced by the timing. Please make other plans during that time.

Similar to the downtime we had last month, this maintenance is required to better manage iNaturalist’s growing dataset but these behind-the-scenes improvements to the database will not be visible.


That local time link is showing it as 7pm UTC for me.


Good point @kitbeard. @carrieseltzer: I think this might be the local time link you want.


Thanks, @rupertclayton. I fixed the link. Sorry about that!


Brace yourselves, folks!

We will get by, we will survive. :guitar: :musical_keyboard: :drum:


It is upon us (me) now!

Me too, almost as if it’s happening everywhere at the same time… But I’m happy, I just passed the 1000 obs mark :) And wouldn’t be able to do any more uploads anyway… :sleeping:… 1:45pm

Wow, umbrella projects are working fine again!


Yes, we didn’t want to overpromise in advance, but quicker loading of umbrella projects is one of the outcomes of this extended downtime. For example, this one often failed to load recently, but is loading now: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/city-nature-challenge-2021 :tada:


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