Fix observation location using other observations

To quickly fix the location of an observation, select one or more observations, and automatically generate a location overlapping the locations of these observations.

1 observation selected --> take its location.
2 observations selected, or more --> disc overlapping the locations of these observations.

The selection of the other observations could be done by entering observation reference numbers or by making easy the selection on the map of one previous observation and one next observation. Ideally, the observer needs to the find and select the 1st previous observation and the 1st next observation whose locations are correct.

This would be vey useful when we have a long sequence of observations, half of them with correct locations, half of them with wrong locations.

you may want to look at: i’ve never used this functionality myself, but it seems like it might be useful in the situation you’re describing.

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Interesting. But we need to be able to choose the observations. Only the observer knows which ones have correct locations.

We may have 1 observation with correct location, followed by 4 with incorrect locations, followed with 1 observation with correct location. So, for each of these 4, the location needs to be fixed based on these 1 + 1 observations. Whatever the technical solution is, it is needed to first select the observations with correct locations.

See for instance this observation and the next ones, whose locations I fixed manually, indicating in the notes which observations had initially correct locations:
Many wrong locations, with a few interspersed correct locations.