Flag all species if the genus has been flagged

I propose adding automatically flaggin all species if a genus has been flagged and add a link to the genus flag.

My experience / why I’d like this feature
I’m using a rather old flora that is still considered the standard for where I live. I’m going through this book plant by plant. I check every name in POWO and in iNaturalist. Needless to say I regularly encounter problems with the taxonomy. My book has many names that POWO considers synonyms of other species, but more importantly I often find species that POWO accepts and iNaturalist does not.

I try to contribute by flagging the synonyms.

I take care (now that I know how it all works) to check for deviations and to look at existing flags. I flag a species when there is no information on a deviation and no other flag.

Apparently this is not good enough. I should also go the genus page and do the same checks there. I feel this makes the whole process overly complicated and lengthy.

I propose automatically flagging all species if a genus has been flagged and add a link to the genus flag. This makes it easy to check if something has already happened on a higher level.

I think this would make using iNat and contributing to it more efficient. It would also reduce the number of flags curators have to deal with (I can’t imagine I’m the only one who has ever added unnecessary flags).

FWIW, I believe #2 matches this request: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/indicate-type-of-taxon-framework-relationship-on-taxon-page/1644 Is that so?

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There are similarities, but it only deals with the deviations, not with the flags.

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Each feature request should focus on a specific change; since #2 is already covered in a topic, I clarified your topic title to reflect request #1.

There are many cases where a genus would be flagged for reasons that don’t pertain to any of the existing species, it seems like auto-flagging every species would create quite a bit of extra work for curators.

Maybe instead, the taxonomy hierarchy on the taxonomy tab could display a little flag icon next to higher taxa that have flags (only shown to curators)?


It wouldn’t have to be a flag per se, just an indication that there is a flag on a higher level so you know if you should check there as well.

Showing it only to curators doesn’t help users like me who want to avoid adding flags when they are not needed but also don’t want to check for flags on all levels every time they consider adding a flag.