Flagging spam on mobile?

Like the title says. I’ve found a few observations that are clearly spam or use copyrighted images whilst looking through unknown observations, but haven’t seen any way to flag these on the android app. Is there currently a way to do this?

I believe the only way now is to click on the “look on iNat” which will open it on your mobile browser where you can flag it.

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Ah, that seems to work. Bit of a pain it can’t be done in-app, but oh well. Though that raises another question - I went to flag an observation that was clearly spam (company advertising itself), but when I opened it through my mobile browser it told me the user had already been suspended & I was unable to view the observation. Yet the observation was still visible in the mobile app? Not sure if this is typical behaviour for things flagged as spam or not, but it seems like the observation should be hidden in the app too.

Observation: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/33055242

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I just flagged the observation itself as spam. See if it is still visible in the app now (without going directly to that URL). It’s possible that observations of accounts suspended for spam are not automatically treated as spam, without specifically flagging them also.

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