Can't mark 2 spam account observations as reviewed

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Step 1: Access Casuals in Identify modal, see these as “Copyright Media Removed” items

Step 2: Unsuccessfully seek to mark as Reviewed in several ways, with refreshing and/or reopening browser in between to see if there was a difference made:

Step 2a: toggle Reviewed across top of thumbnail

Step 2b: toggle Reviewed box in Identify popup

Step 2c: Type R in Identify popup

I have found hundreds of other copyright-infringed or suspended-user records to be markable as Reviewed over months, until hitting these 2 records.

I have the same problem with this obervation:

I’m surprised spam flagged users’ observations even show up in Identify.


Yeah, that should be fixed. I’ll make an issue.

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If it helps, I was having a similar issue, and found out if you add the observation to your favorites or flag it as captive, it gets marked as reviewed. Not perfect, but at least gets it cleared from the review queue.

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Observations by accounts flagged as spammers no longer appear in Identify, so this shouldn’t be an issue anymore.