Sort observations from oldest to newest on mobile app

I searched and did not see this addressed. I am aware that you can sort observations from oldest to newest on the desktop version, but I don’t see this option on the mobile app (I use Android).

I have tried turning Unknown observations into a coarse ID on my phone, and unwittingly made the mistake of adding a coarse ID when the person was doing a large upload, just to have them put the finer ID down minutes later. I have tried just scrolling down for a while, but the mobile app seems to reach a limit of how many observations it will load in a given session, so it doesn’t work so well.

Sounds like a separate feature request, if you could please make a new topic. Thanks!

Just to clarify, you are asking for this to be implemented in the Explore tab of the mobile app?

Yes. I don’t know of any other way to search other people’s observations on the mobile app.

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