Forced focus change of field while identifying

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Step 1: add an id from the dropdown as normal

Step 2: go to comment field to add a something about it

Step 3: while typing, focus unexpectedly changes back to id field so that part of comment gets written there

I have noticed this happening fairly recently, maybe just since the update prior to last night’s. But I can now confirm that last night’s update did not resolve the issue.

Oh, huh. This happens to me all the time. I normally have to hit tab to go back. I assumed I was pushing something to make it hop back to the ID section instead of the comment.

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I had this happen more than once a day or so ago, thought somehow I must have moved the focus

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This keeps happening to me, although I’ve learned that it doesn’t change the ID, just adds useless characters after it

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Good to know, thanks! It does mean retyping the rest of the comment though, or an awkward cut/paste.

Just happened to me today as well. Wonder if it has any connection with the new markdowns available…