Fossilworks throwing web security software warning?

Any other curators getting this?

Trying to deal with ungrafted taxa and document them and Norton is giving me a warning it is a dangerous site and highly recommended not to visit.

Maybe, year end, security certificate has expired?
Also triggers a warning on Google Chrome.


I get warnings from Kaspersky that MPG and PNW Moths are not secure. I also believe (but have no proof) that Kaspersky has slowed down MPG loading times.

I wonder if there is a generic issue with security software slowing loads, for example WoRMS has been glacial (like 1996 dialup speeds for those of a certain vintage) to load for a few months now.

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BOLD is a secure site, but takes forever to load. The location map loads line by line. Oddly, on my older laptop, with less RAM and a non updated Windows defender (no longer supported) all these sites load quickly. This is what makes me think it is an antivirus issue.

I did post a message about the issue in November, but got limited response.
Moth Photographers Group running slowly - Nature Talk - iNaturalist Community Forum

I removed Avira from my laptop - it was chewing up the fan, going flat out - and NEVER managing to resolve its issues. Not helpful.
Windows Defender and Google Chrome is adequate for me.

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I use

I think it’s the same database, and it seems to load faster.

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