Moth Photographers Group running slowly

About three weeks ago, MPG began to run quite slowly on my computer (Windows 10, Edge, no changes). Up until then, moving between pages was fast, and now it takes about three times as long. I’ve also noticed that the BOLD site takes a long time to load, mainly because of the map. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this change. The only possible reason I can think of is that the Kaspersky antivirus program was interfering with loading, as it does not seem to consider these sites as ‘safe’. If no one else has had this experience, I’ll take it up with MPG. I use these two sites frequently, and it really slows down my identification process.

Sorry, Ian, but no problems with either MPG or BOLD, and I use both at least 50 times a day. Windows 10 64-bit (Home on one computer, Pro on another), Firefox, Norton Security.

No one else has emailed us about major slow downs so don’t think MPG (Steve or I) can help with individual computer problems. MPG hasn’t anything to do with the functioning of BOLD. The MPG species’ link to BOLD is simply a convenience as are the links to BugGuide.or journal articles.


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I moved this to #nature-talk since it’s not related to iNaturalist.

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Thanks. I suspect this has to do with my computer, although I don’t know why. I use MPG a lot, and BOLD not as much, but it slows down my searching.

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