Fractured observation- one verifiable observation split into 2 casual observation on upload

I have a number of observations that got split while uploading, resulting in 2 “casual” observations. One observation has the picture with no location, while the other has location but no picture and includes the ID that I gave the observation directly.
One example: and

Today I re-uploaded the same pictures in a new observation:

I uninstalled and reinstalled inaturalist, and the problem seems to have resolved, but now I have a bunch of fractured posts. Is there any way to merge 2 posts to get all the information together or do I need to delete them all and re-upload them as I did above?

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There is no way currently that I know of to merge two obs. I believe this has been requested before, if not on this forum, then on the old Google forum. Rather than deleting both fractured obs, just delete the obs with the image and no location, and add the image to the obs with a location and no image.


Looks like this is a duplicate topic. See the existing topic, which is unfortunately an open/unresolved bug report, at:

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