Gap between thumbnail and species name on ID page

Is this an intentional change? Not present on individual observations, only on the identification page

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yeah… i was just going to comment on this, too. there were some code changes earlier today that may be related to this:

there’s also a new less noticeable gap in the search box on the taxon screen (, along with the taxon box on the Explore and Identify screens, and also the project setup page… probably everywhere where there’s a taxon autocomplete box…


Haha and when you use a really widescreen, the gap keeps getting bigger!!


This should be fixed, and appears fixed to me in Brave, Firefox, and Safari on a Mac. If it’s still happening for you, try clearing your browser cache.


it looks good now. Identify still has a slightly wider gap than the other screens, though it’s barely noticeable. i wonder why that screen is different?

This is related to the new update, and the staff are trying to fix the bugs as soon as possible.

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