Help with Project Managing

So I have an ongoing project with its goal to a number of observers document as many raptors as possible in the inland Pacific Northwest. Its goal is to not only document all 35 possible raptors but to document morph percentages, subspecies, age, sex (if possible) and etc. So here’s the question I have; adding annotations is simple enough but if I add per say “Bird Colour Morph” in the ‘Observation Fields’ section, is there a way I can view them all when I’m done. Let’s say at the end of the project, I may search up “dark morph Red-tailed Hawks” and I will be shown that. Is that feature possible? Many thanks in advance.

And if you happen to be in the inland WA or OR, you can help my project at the following link:

Have you discovered clicking on the Field name in the obs, to reveal the Dropdown menu for searching for “observations with this Field”, and “obs with the same value for this field”? I think that may be what you are after?


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