Here is some code to add shortcuts to iNat

Hello! I’ve made a small developmental Chrome Extension to add a few keyboard shortcuts to the interface.

Any suggestions of new shortcuts are very welcome! Currently we have:

  • F to fuse observations.
  • D to duplicate an observation.
  • R to remove an observation.
  • C to toggle the Captive/Cultivated checkbox.

It is currently only installable in dev mode (but not that hard, really)

You can get it from here:

If some real developer wants to make it into something more robust and general, please steal the code/idea!


We have keyboard shortcuts in Identify.
For me
R is reviewed
X is cultivated
and C is comment


just to clarify, i think these shortcuts are meant to be used in the context of the Upload page.

since this is a thing that you have to install in dev mode anyway, you can modify the main context.js file to use whatever shortcut keys you like.


Very cool! Not to hijack this thread but…
Is there anyway to make a shortcut for adding an observation to a specific (traditional) project? Being able to automate that process is on the want list of many many iNat users…

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working from Identify - January 2024


Thanks everyone, sorry for the lack of clarity.
Yes, these are Upload shortcuts so far! Nice that there are a few others in Identify.

@dlnarango That sounds doable, though it might need some extra configuration on the user. Can you describe exactly how you would like it to be?

E.g. on Upload, press “shift+1” to select project A for the obs, “shift+2” for project B, where project A and B would be in some configuration file/setting?

How do you find a list of these shortcuts?

The new ones are listed in the first post.

In Identify - there is a keyboard icon to click - bottom left.

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Shameless plug, but I’ve also created a chrome extension that adds some shortcuts to the identify modal, principally “v” to mark an observation the community taxon cannot be improved:

Anybody is also welcome to also reuse my code to include in their project.

There are also another other chrome extensions created by @sessilefielder :


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I was in the first bunch to use sessilefielder’s enhancement. Now it feels like an integral part of my iNat.
674 users today.

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In my case, I want to annotate other observers’ records to add them to my project (in the Identify mode), not during the upload process

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In Identify - click to Annotations.
Keyboard icon bottom left has a long list of shortcuts.

I spent some time working on this with Claude this morning and wasn’t able to make much progress. I got a quote from a developer to work on it for $150/hour which was a little steep lol. At the moment it is broken :(

are you just trying to incorporate functionality from tiagolubiana’s code into your code? if so, it looks like that code has a permissive MIT license. so unless you’re trying to add additional features, you could almost just copypasta it into your thing, i think.

Oh no I was just talking about the extension I wrote last year, I didn’t even scroll up to look at OP. Will check it out