iNaturalist started sending me duplicate observation update notices

On new observations, iNaturalist notifies me when another member IDs it. The next day, I get a second email notifying me of the same activity.

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Might be related to this:

Can you post a screenshot as an example? If someone tags you in a comment you get two notifications, once for the tag and once for the comment, is that’s what’s going on?

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iNaturalist usually tells me when someone has IDd one of my observations in the right hand column under the ‘bubble’. However I now have newly Identified observations that are now marked ‘Research Grade’ and I was not notified that such an ID was made.

I am using Safari on a MacBook Pro with M1 Max under macOS Sonoma 14.5

I simply log on with my ID and password to my page and look at my observations.

If I click on the balloon logo it tells me any recent IDs. Older ones appear but the new ones that had just been identified in the last hour are missing. People are IDing my observations without me being notified.