How can I upload a new species of a turtle?

I have more experience in uploading plant species because I know the official sites where there is the reliance of new species, however, I do not know where to refer when it comes to listings of new animal species.
The observation itself is this:
For years genetic and physical differences were seen between the populations of Chelus fimbriata of the Orinoco and the Amazon rivers, recently this year, it was molecularly confirmed that the populations of the Orinoco are actually Chelus orinocense.
A couple of years ago I saw this individual captured by Carlos Lasso, who was the one who described the species. We did not know at that time, but it is a specimen of Chelus orinocense, and the first observation of this species on the platform.
the species was described last month.
Vargas-Ramírez, M.; Caballero, S.; Morales-Betancourt, M.A.; Lasso, C.A.; Amaya, L.; Gregorio Martínez, J.; das Neves Silva Viana, M.; Vogt, R.C.; Pires Farias, I.; Hrbek, T.; Campbell, P.D.; Fritz, U. (2020). “Genomic analyses reveal two species of the matamata (Testudines: Chelidae: Chelus spp.) and clarify their phylogeography”. *Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution


It should be in one of databases, do you know if it was added to any? I believe in case of already described species moderators will be able to add it.


First is necessary that the taxonomic change takes place in The Reptile Database, which is the official site for reptile taxonomy used by iNat.

Although moderatos are able to create new taxa, particularly for reptiles the entire class is protected, then we can’t add new groups or edit existing. You can try flagging the taxa for curatorship and tag @loarie, who is the only one with the permissions to modify the Reptilia taxonomy.


Yes, once it gets into Reptile Database it shouldn’t be too difficult to get into iNat. RD updates several times a year I think.

loarie is already working on importing the most recent RD update – he said there were some issues to work out


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