How to add an additional photo when EDITING an already-existing observation?

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can’t figure out how to ADD an additional photo to an existing observation when EDITing the observation; the (add?) photo box/section is incredibly non-intuitive (and makes no sense); someone other than the person who designed that (and other than someone who is already familiar with how it works) needs to be included in a usability test. (I’m happy to chat with a developer via Zoom; contact me at to arrange)

uh… and so, okay, I created a screen shot… but how do I add it to this post??

To add a screenshot, just copy and paste it into your post like you would for a photo or image

To add more photos to existing observations on the desktop, use this button:


When editing an observation, the section to add or edit your photos is on the right side. To add a photo, it’s a typical file chooser button. It says “Choose Files”. You click that, find them on your computer, add, and Save observation.

thebeachcomber’s screenshot is faster.


@bouteloua @thebeachcomber : Thanks!


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