How to add existing observations to a traditional project without joining?

I may be overlooking something simple: I want to add an existing observation to an existing traditional project (not my own project, not a collection project) but I don’t want to join the project. Can this be done? There are lots of Forum topics on problems adding observations to projects but I’m not seeing an answer to this particularly nuance.

The observation:
The project:


Only a Project member can add observations to a Traditional Project. I don’t think they have to be the member’s own observations.

You could ask one of the Project members to add the observations you want to the project.

I believe there is some related permission, that you have to allow others to add your observations to Projects, but I can’t find it.

Ref: Adding Observations to a Traditional Project - Wiki

P.S.: May I ask why you don’t want to join the Project?


You can also join, add the observation, and then when you leave you can select the option to leave your observations in the project.


My list of projects is already too voluminous, and I won’t have much to contribute to the above project, nor interest in monitoring it.

i added it using the API via POST /v1/projects/{id}/add. (i’m not a member of the project, but i was able to add it this way.)


I understand! My list of Projects runs 18 pages! But I’ve subscribed to journal notifications for a small percentage of those. And all of those are low volume.

Most of the notifications I get are for ID corrections for my own observations, or others’ observations I’ve identified.

I don’t know what you mean by “monitoring” other than getting journal notifications.

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A major part of the issue of a long list of projects comes when I get around to manually adding my observations to a set of traditional projects. A given observation of a bird or insect might qualify to be added to as many as 5 to 10 or more different traditional projects. The current (and antiquated) method of accomplishing that task is exceedingly tedious even in batch mode–so much so that I’ve all but stopped adding my observations to any traditional projects. Over the past ~ 5 years, I’ve been uploading anywhere from 3,300 to 5,800 observations per year, thus averaging something like 280 to 480 observations per month. If any of these get “collected” into a project, that’s great; I just don’t have the energy to accomplish the task manually.

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Are all of those projects still active? I weed out projects that start with enthusiasm, and are promptly abandoned.

I’d have to go through my list but most of the ones I’m subscribed to are large-scale, long-term projects such as “Aquatic Insects of the US”, “Birds of Texas”, and “First Known Photographs of Living Specimens”. Some of them (like the first two mentioned) could, and ought to, be converted to collection projects, but I don’t administer them and that change-over hasn’t been accomplished yet for many of them.


I have the same issue. I don’t always remember all the projects are relevant to my observations. But when I do remember, I can batch add them. Sometimes the relevant observations go on for several pages (at 100 / page)! But a couple of selections, and I’ve caught up with months of missed observations.

It’s pretty much impossible for me to keep up when the traditional project has restrictions or expectations that can’t be filtered in a search. If I have to find and add each relevant observation, it’s just not going to happen.

FWIW Aquatic Insects of the US doesn’t look like it’s designed to gain access to hidden coordintaes, so I’m not sure it’s worth adding observations to it. One could find the observations of aquatic insects in the US via an Explore search.

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