More easily add my observations to projects

When I’m not a “member” of a project the “Join and Add An Observation to…” form seems like a duplication of effort after I have already submitted an observation. Is there a quicker way to contribute that I missed?

I believe you are just talking about adding observations to Traditional Projects rather than Collection Project.

One of the benefits of joining either type of project is that the icon of the project will show up on your observation page which may end up revealing a project resource that other users may benefit from by finding out more about a group of organisms or a subject of interest that relates those organisms such as bird window crashes or bird feathers.

As you may well know, Collection Projects add your suitable observations regardless of whether or not you join but as I mentioned, joining shows the icon on your observation.

Qualifiers for Collection Projects may be aggregated by taxa and/or dates and/or place and/or user and/or excluded by the same.

With regard to adding observations to a Traditional Project, you need to be a member to have your observations added. One must also "manually’ add observations to the project - in some cases depending on the interest of the project only certain observations are suitable.

Traditional Project observations may be brought together by special qualities - observed from a car window, observed while on a walk from home, observed on a certain type of plant, observed pollinating, observed deceased (window kill), observed as a blob on the beach, observed banded or tagged, and etc. These qualities are often subjective and need user curation prior to being added to a project.

I made a tutorial that maybe helpful in your quest. Let me know if there is anything lacking or a question that is not answered and I will try to incorporate that. Adding Observations to a Traditional Project - Wiki

This tutorial covers:


You shouldn’t use the “add” button if you already submitted those observations, instead you need to open them and add them to a project there.

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The differences between Collection Projects and Traditional Projects were not clear to me - thanks for the help. I frequently submit to Traditional Projects but the Collection Projects are what seem like duplication of effort. I will just leave them alone. Thanks again.

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