How to create lexicons

I saw in other threads that user can create lexicons, but I do not know how to do this. I have been collecting names for a lexicon that does not currently exist, and I want to be able to put them up.

I’m not sure what type of lexicon you are meaning here. What would such a lexicon contain?

When you go to add a new name, there’s an option to Add New Lexicon under the Lexicon drop-down.

For anyone doing this, please double-check that the lexicon really doesn’t exist already.


Yes, users can still add Lexicons. To prevent lexicons to be added 20 times you have to add them in English.

What is the specific lexicon that you are trying to add?

I was not even aware of the form to add a new name. Is it on the taxon page?

Yes, on the taxon page, taxonomy tab, on the right of the names section.

Names can also have a place specified, for example Gerygone igata is called a Grey Warbler in New Zealand and Gray Gerygone elsewhere.

I saw that there exists an Esperanto lexicon, which tells me that constructed languages are acceptable. I am working on the one for Láadan. Láadan is currently experiencing a revival of interest (which, sadly, its creator did not live to see); it is attested at . The Third Dictionary and Grammar of Láadan was released earlier this year (the first came out back in 1988).

Now, I saw the stipulation not to create new names, but only add names that have been used elsewhere. So I figured I would stick largely to the names that are already in those published dictionaries, since that does count as having been used elsewhere – there are names for a number of culinary herbs, as well as some vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees, and general categories of animals.

That said, Láadan is structured in a such way as to facilitate the coining of new words through combining existing ones. Two examples out of the official lexicon:

húumid = owl (húu = an onomotopoetic rendering of an owl’s call; mid = animal or creature; hence húumid is literally hoot-creature)

óowáanin = redwood (óowa = fire; yáanin = tree; hence óowáanin is literally fire-tree)

These are in the published dictionaries. Although inventing names in like manner is valid usage in Láadan, I will refrain from doing so in light of the iNat policy of not inventing names myself.

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