Require approval for addition of new lexicon for common names

There are a bunch of duplicate lexica that require continual maintenance because any user can add a new lexicon.

At this point there should probably be some sort of staff approval process, so we don’t end up with situations like now: separate entries in the dropdown for “Spanish”, “Español”, Español (Chile)", “Español chileno”, “Spanish (Peru)”, and both “Russian” and “русский”

There should be just one Russian and the languages should be translated in the dropdown based on the viewer’s language, or display the native name next to the translated name, e.g. “Russian / русский” or “Inglese / English”.

If a common name needs to be applied to a particular place, there is already a system for that. Rather than creating a new lexicon for Peruvian Spanish, assign the name to Spanish and set it as default to a particular place: Peru.

Can’t you add the most common lexicons in advance and block access for normal users?
(We have 40 lexicons now).

I don’t think it’s a good idea, there are a lot of common names in ethnic languages used mainly by indigenous people, normal users should be allowed to request to add new lexicons for these common names.

With a new approval system, normal users can just flag a curator to add the new lexicon they want

There are several hundred lexicons available. There are 40 languages into which the site has been translated. They are not the same thing.

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