It seems Khanty language is missing from possible languages

I’m trying to add a common name, but whatever I type in this language doesn’t show up and I can’t find it scrolling through the list either, can it be added or it has a different name in the system?

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You can add a new language by clicking the “Add a new Lexicon” button just below the Lexicon list

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I want to be sure it’s not already there by a different name or search is not showing it.
Plus when I add it once it’s not being saved in the system, there’re many names, should I every time add a “new language”? There’re other languages saved, like Komi, so Khanty should be there too.

If you add the lexicon in English it cannot be duplicated, I thought. And if you add it in another language it is translated into English and checked if it is already added…

unknown …

Add how?

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The Lexicon disappears if you add it, but the common name is saved with this Lexicon. The name is added in Kanty but with the next species you cannot choose for the recently added Lexicon Kanty. Probably adding new Lexicons is curated and you need approval for it?

Even changed my language to English but also in English added Lexicons are not allowed…

‘’ 1 error prohibited this taxon name from being saved
There were problems with the following fields:

  • Lexicon should be in English, but currently it matches the French (Canada) translation of “English”.

Use “English” if that is what you meant and it will be translated when you view the site in that language.

If you add a Khanty lexicon the first time you should be able to add it. The second time you tried to add the Khanty lexicon I should expect an error message cause the lexicon is already there, but the error message does not show up…looks like a bug to me.

Yes, I added like 10 names with it, they’re saved, but the language is not in the list, so if you say it’s a bug, maybe it should be moved to the bugs section.

At this point seems like a bug, so I’ve moved there.

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Now I can find it in search, hope the real problem that caused the delay was solved!
I had some problems changing the name that started with Ӆ, but I readded it and it saved fine, not sure if it’s a consistent problem.


At 1-1-2023 I see al list of 20 common names in Khanty in iNaturalist.

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