How to delete past observations from device

iNaturalist app takes up MORE THAN 2 GB of my storage. Is there a way I can delete some of the older observations from my device (while keeping them on the cloud) to clear space? If not, how can I reduce the space iNat takes up?

Logging out of the app (and then logging back in) should do the trick. Your observations will still be stored on the iNat servers, but they won’t also be taking up memory on your phone.

One caveat: If you have any observations pending upload, make sure to upload them before logging out. Otherwise you’ll lose them.

You may also be interested in a feature request that allows clearing the cache: Limit Cache Size or Allow Cache Clearing for Apps - Feature Requests - iNaturalist Community Forum


But when I try it the observations all download themselves back

Logging out is not meant to delete your observations (they’re not what is taking up all that storage)

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Then how do we clear iNat space?

As said above, relog in app, it clears cache.

@chemistree gave you the exact instructions :)

Thanks! It does help to some extent! Shall we close the post?

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