How to edit AM/PM observation time after uploading

I recently added an observation of a roadkill raccoon. The photos were taken later, after it was no longer on the road where it was found. However, I manually added the observation time so it was for when I first saw it. I just realized, though - the time was shown as 10:47 PM when it should be 10:47 AM. I tried to edit it, and it looks correct (it displays as 10:47 AM). However, in the My Observations tab of Explore, it still shows as being made 12 hours ago, after a spider observation I also made yesterday, which was observed several hours later. How can I edit the time so that it not only displays correctly, but is read correctly by whatever returns observations for URL filters?

If you edited observation nothing else is needed, other pages can show old info for some time.


The observation has successfully integrated and now shows the correct time.

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