How to fix a wrong synonym?

I recently found a species for which the senior synonym is listed as its junior and placed the junior as the valid name:
P. lignarius is the valid name and P. herreri a junior synonym (see
Unofrtunately, GBIF listed these two names the other way around ( were P. lignarius is ignored. But in this page is listed as a valid species.

Is there any easy way to fix this in INaturalist?


It can only be done via a taxon swap. You need to create a new species record with the proper name and then swap the existing one into it.

It can not be done by editing the existing record.

Thanks! So, I need to create a new species (P. lignarius) within the genus and then swap the desired name with the new one, right? And this despite having P. lignarius listed as synonym of P. herreri? See:


Correct, with one exception which is if you manually created the species, the scientific name associated with a record can not be edited.

Thank you! It worked perfectly.

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