Old ID used in life list?

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Step 1: Display life list

What appears to be happening is that either the life list is not being updated, or, it uses negated data to compose the list. In the sample image provided, for example, the same image is used for two different identifications. This is because the image was first identified as one and then changed to the other. After changing to the other, the image should not ever be used for that ID again.

This image was identified as Harpalus and then changed later to Notiobia. There are other observations of Harpalus, so one of those images should have been used instead of this one, which is not currently identified as Harpalus.

P.S. Not a bug, but a feature request or a how-to request. This image is also not a very good examplar. Is there a way to flag specific images to be examplars? Those images should be preferred for the life list.

Lists is a pretty buggy feature that we are working on revamping, so I’m not sure we’ll add a fix for the current version. You can try reloading your life list from your observations, there are instructions near the bottom of this page: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/how_inaturalist_counts_taxa

Any user can edit taxon photos. Go to the taxon page, click on Curation, then click on Edit photos.

You can choose whether to use your own photos or default photos for taxa on your Life List. Click on “Edit” and you’ll see this option on the edit page:



Life lists were redesigned recently, so I’ll close this.
e.g. here are the ground beetle taxa you’ve observed https://www.inaturalist.org/lifelists/victorengel?view=tree&tree_mode=full_taxonomy&taxon_id=49567