Why can't one save a query (aka filtered list) as a LIST?

(Yes, I’ve read the FAQs about feature requests, Explorer page topics [to which I cannot figure out how to add comments], etc.: anyway, I figure a discussion of this specific topic can occur here & a feature request be added when some more info is gathered.)

Why can’t one save a query (aka filtered list) as a LIST?

Seems to me that the saving of a query IS–by definition–a LIST. The problem is that the (very limited!) list creation process seems to be completely separate from the query/filter procedure–and that those two things should be one single function–or at least that the query/filter function should have as “Save as List” option (which would completely solve this problem).

Is there something I’m not understanding here (e.g., some way to actually add useful criteria to the list-creation function)? …or a way to save [ideally as a “List”] queries/filters?

Any help with understanding of this issue would be much appreciated!


Hi Philip, what do you mean by filtered query? Are you referring to the Explore page (https://www.inaturalist.org/observations) and subsequent Exports page (https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/export)? Or Lists e.g. https://www.inaturalist.org/lists/philiptdotcom? Or, something else? URLs or screenshots will be helpful for us to understand.

If you’re referring to Explore/Export observations, it has only been designed to export observations - the entire list of observations - and not shorter summaries of the taxa or other attributes of those observations (date, observers, identifiers, IDs, places). You can always use other tools such as Excel to create, modify, or display summaries of those attributes after exporting the observations. Or even explore the API, e.g. this is a list of all my amphibian observations (GET observations), but this one summarizes the number of observations per species (GET observations/species_counts)

If you’re referring to the new life list feature, it looks like one can save a query. I searched for amphibians I’ve observed and selected Export, and this pop-up appears:

Happy to help troubleshoot the issue you ran into if you want to send a message to @ forum_moderators

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