How to open links in external tabs?

I need external links to open in new tabs too but I cannot see the setting referred to anywhere - has it been removed, or can someone say where it is now…?


it’s still in the same spot in your Forum account user preferences, under the Interfaces section:

That looks to be a mobile app, whereas I’m on a desktop web browser and it doesn’t have the option as far as I can see…


i guess if tiwane’s original screenshot didn’t help, and my new screenshot didn’t help either, it would help us help you if you added a screenshot of what you’re looking at.

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These are two relevant tabs - the others are unrelated and don’t have it. Where else could I look…

in this thread, we’re talking specifically about functionality in the iNat Forum. you’re looking at the settings in the main iNaturalist site, which is a separate thing from the Forum.

It looks like you are… hopefully it can be picked up by the main site developers since it’s a concept common to both…

Note: I move these posts to a separate topic since the query was not related to the iNaturalist Forum.

To open links in external tabs, you can use ctrl/cmd + click or right click + open in a new tab.

If you’re asking for a new feature to be added to iNaturalist, you can submit a request in the #feature-requests section of the forum.

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