How to re-order images / sounds in the same observation


So I just uploaded pictures and an audio of a Steppe Eagle - here.

At the time of uploading, using the web interface I thought that the audio was the primary content and the photos would be sequence 2 and 3 - but it seems the audio some how now appears at 3rd place.

I think one solution to change this would be to delete the pictures and add them again. But am loath to do this feeling that the ghostly digital imprint left from the deleted files will wreck havoc somewhere.

The edit option does not seem to show me any way of doing the re-ordering.

Advice will be appreciated


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There is a way, and it is on the edit page, it is just super hard to find. The link text is very small and it is down at the bottom.

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@arboretum_amy - Thanks Amy - that only shows how to re-order pictures.

When I click edit it shows two separate sub menus - one for pictures and one for sounds. The media don’t - all - appear in the same area.
Screenshot at 2021-02-26 20-41-38
Screenshot at 2021-02-26 20-40-57

I tried,also, following the reorder link - it only shows the pictures and not the audio.


Audio will never be the first one when you have photos, photo always will be the first one.

@Marina_Gorbunova - is that a “rule”

Oh okay. I don’t think I have ever mixed audio and photos, so I didn’t know they are shown separately in the menus.

That is how system works, but don’t worry, it always shows that audio is there. image


@Marina_Gorbunova - Thanks

The primary reason I asked is because on ebird there are only 6 audio recordings of the Steppe Eagle (5 of them are from India)

while on inaturalist i believe this to be the first.

So wanted to give prominence to the audio , however am hoping, as you point out that the audio will show up and interested people will find it.



You can filter observations with audio in main filters’ tab, so it’s cool and it will be easily findable!


Yes , thanks

I thnk that is one of the great advantages of inaturalist

The inaturalist link I posted above was filtered (only for Steppe eagle with sound and photos - it could not find any only sound observations)

can also add the observation to

@thebeachcomber - Thanks, some how automagically it has appeared there :-)

anyone can add observations to that project, so it would have been someone who encountered the observation and saw that it wasn’t in there yet

Thanks :-)

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