Media order changed for sounds on upload and after editing

I’m not sure whether I’m describing a new ‘feature’ but to me it is a bug (and somewhat annoying). Normally when I upload observations through the website I expect the photos/recordings to appear in the observation in the order I upload them.

There seems to be a recent change that I’ve only noticed when uploading sound recordings.
On this observation :
I specifically put the sound file first, then a photo, but the observation appears with them the other way around.

In this observation
I specifically put the unedited sound file first, then an edited version (and mentioned the order in the description). After upload they were the wrong way around. So I edited the observation and deleted the edited sound file. Then drag and dropped a new copy. When I refreshed the observation the new copy was the first file again! I deleted it again, and renamed it and re-uploaded it in case the system was ordering them by filename. The order looked ok, but after I edited the description (to add detail) and re-saved it, the order had reverted to the edited file being first again.

I went through a few more iterations of this, and found if I kept uploading the same file that I had just deleted, it didn’t get added at all (ie refreshing the obs only showed the first file, but that is a different story perhaps). Anyway after renaming it again and uploading it from within the ‘edit’ page, it finally stayed in second place.

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