How to remove observations from a project?

Platform (iOS, Website):

I cannot figure out how to unlink observations I made yesterday accidentally associated with a project. These observations were wholly outside project area but contained a rarity so I obscured them all. Today I see about 6 were associated with a project we were working on two days before. When I go into “edit” observation there is no checkbox to remove these from the project.

I’ve been using iNaturalist very lightly for few years so I’m relatively new but I’m surprised how hard it is to find help for questions.

The observations were mostly entered via Seek and iNaturalist apps on my iPhone iOS 13 can’t find app versions but they’re current. My desktop Chrome is up to date but OS is old, 10.11.6

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If you’re talking about Hillside Farm Preserve, that is a Collection Project. It will include any observation meeting the project requirements and there is no way to manually add or remove observations.

You can learn more about project types from the Help page and the Managing Projects page.


“Location: Worldwide” looks like the problem with that project.


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