How to set filters so it sticks for next time

For identifying other people’s observations, how do I set the filters so they remain the same for next time and always?

I set them for place, species, etc. I click “Go” and “Update Search.” But when I refresh page or come back next time I have to set the filters all over again. How do I make them stick till I want to change them?

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If you mean search filters like taxon, place, data quality, etc, then just bookmark the URL after you’ve added all the filters you like. Map zoom lock and Suggestions source, though, need to be reset after you refresh or load a new Identify page.

I personally keep a pinned tab of the Identify page the way I like it and refresh it once a day because the token expires after 24 hours of loading the Identify page.

For more about search filters in general, check out:


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