Provide more "sticky" account settings for filter defaults

Following on discussions here and here, it seems like other filter defaults besides Place would be helpful to have as user account settings.

In particular for these linked discussions, ability to set explore/observation/identify filter defaults for multiple “Quality Grade” types (Casual, Needs ID, and/or Research Grade) would be helpful in a lot of contexts, and in particular to different identifiers with different identifying priorities. (Editorial aside – we should re-think the implied judgment in the term “quality” here…)

Also consider other filter defaults that could be helpful as sticky user account settings: Category(ies) (Plants, Insect, Birds, etc.); Captive/Cultivated (Yes, No, Any); Verifiable (Yes, No, Any); and Account Creation (Within 7 days, Older, Any).

Of course, these would only serve as initial filter defaults, changeable in each filter dialog, and changeable in the account settings as needed.

I would like to have as a standard Captive/Cultivated !Any!

for all features including the suggestions of the compare feature.

see discussion

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I would like to be able to customize a filter to select certain taxonomic groups, and then allow me to save that filter with the name I give it. Currently the groups I am interested in, mostly microbial, are in many different locations. It would be reasonable to include ‘grades’ of organization: such as ‘trees’.

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Check out the Lists feature and list_id parameter, e.g.

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Once I have made a list, how do I use it to filter the content that has been uploaded by anyone into iNaturalist?

There isn’t a way to do it with the Explore page user interface (filters), you have to manually edit the URL:

My list of “spring wildflowers of the Chicago region”: - note that the list_id is 111820, which I can pop at the end of some URLs:

Explore page URL:

Identify page URL:


(Going through older Feature Requests) With Account Settings finally redesigned, this might now be feasible.


Any timeline/roadmap?

This should be a high priority. As an identifier, I have several different queries I would run regularly. I should be able to save all the filter settings for those queries, save them under a certain name, and return to them whenever I need to run that query. People say, “oh you can create a bookmark” but sorry, if I have to use something outside the site to accomplish a task, that’s not an acceptable user experience. Going beyond that, we also would also want a MRU (Most recently used) list. Even if a user doesn’t create and save a named query, there’s a high probability that a user would want to return to the same combination of settings. Having filter settings be sticky is just the most primitive way of addressing this; better would be to offer those filters as a MRU list of recently run combinations.


I would appreciate to have all the filter options when I set up a project.
I use projects to organise my work and set filters to ID using the app.

Yep, add it to the thousand or so other priority 1 issues :upside_down_face: