Provide more "sticky" account settings for filter defaults


Following on discussions here and here, it seems like other filter defaults besides Place would be helpful to have as user account settings.

In particular for these linked discussions, ability to set explore/observation/identify filter defaults for multiple “Quality Grade” types (Casual, Needs ID, and/or Research Grade) would be helpful in a lot of contexts, and in particular to different identifiers with different identifying priorities. (Editorial aside – we should re-think the implied judgment in the term “quality” here…)

Also consider other filter defaults that could be helpful as sticky user account settings: Category(ies) (Plants, Insect, Birds, etc.); Captive/Cultivated (Yes, No, Any); Verifiable (Yes, No, Any); and Account Creation (Within 7 days, Older, Any).

Of course, these would only serve as initial filter defaults, changeable in each filter dialog, and changeable in the account settings as needed.

Recruiting more identifiers
The category of "cultivated" is problematic for plants in urban landscapes
"Seen Nearby" vision suggestions often lead to incorrect identifications

I would like to have as a standard Captive/Cultivated !Any!

for all features including the suggestions of the compare feature.

see discussion