How to tell Collection vs Traditional Project

Is there any way to tell ahead of time (i.e. without joining) whether a project you’re looking at is a Collection project (i.e. will automatically upload your observations) or a Traditional project (i.e. requires manual upload)? I couldn’t find anywhere on the project pages where it says this explicitly. I’m sorry if this has been asked before, but I did a bit of searching on the forum and couldn’t find it.


I’m not sure if it says anywhere, but they are formatted differently.

Collection projects look a bit like the Explore page because they function as a saved set of search filters. There’s tabs below the banner for observations, species, etc.

Traditional projects have the leaderboards listed right below the banner, as well as an Add Observations button—which is only possible with traditional projects. (If there’s no banner it’s a smaller blue button.)


Thank you! This is very helpful


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