How to track observations day by day in one's own area

Please forgive my profound ignorance, but how do I set up a system whereby I’m informed of what sitings there have been in my local area day by day? Could I specify a geographical coordinate and a radius and then get a stream of what has been identified in say the last day or week? Thanks.


I’m not sure exactly what you’re looking for, but if you want to see new observations in your area Subscriptions are your best bet. On your dashboard (, look at the right side of the page and scroll down. Past the Add Observations button, past the blog post and/or iNat Store ad, past the forum preview to Subscriptions, then click “Subscribe to a Place” and type in your location (such as a town, county or state). The feature will cause all new observations within that place to show up on your dashboard, the same way the observations of people you follow appear there. You can then click View Observations to see a set in Explore, click on individual observations to open them, or click Identify to view some in the Identify page. It will show them as they’re added, though, not by date, so you might get some older ones that were only recently uploaded. They will also be split into small clumps by upload time.


Definitely not profound ignorance!
Being ignorant would be not asking.
After all, I didn’t know this either.


Or you can bookmark an (Identify) URL to your chosen place
Cape Peninsula for me and and and …
I like to see what is blooming now ahead of our weekly hikes.


If you search for a location (by name and/or by zooming on the map), then click the “filters” button, you can filter it by date. It won’t notify you of new things, but if what you want is to just have a look at what’s been posted in the last week, you can easily filter it to things posted in the last week in your area.

For example, here’s all the snakes seen in Houston in the previous week.


As @Thunderhead says, ignorance is not asking! I don’t know how a lot of these search refinements work either, but since there are so few iNatualists where I am, I really have no need to check ahead. Perhaps if I stir my stumps and go to a different location, I might need that kind of information!


Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. That’s wonderful to know!

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Thank you! I like to see too what people are spotting as the season unfolds, in plants and animals. Happy hiking.

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You can tweak your URL to include Needs ID, then help to move along as much as you can. Makes for a very good learning curve on many virtual hikes.

In account settings you can set default search place.

Now…how do I delete a Subscription (an area) that I don’t want to follow anymore?

On your iNaturalist homepage, click the little gear icon next to Subscriptions (right side):


Then under “Places” you can choose “Unsubscribe” next to the one you want to unfollow.

thanks. I’ll look there.

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