How to update the county/state information for a place


I would like to point out a place being marked in the wrong state in India. How can I get it updated? Thanks

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Would you be able to explain a bit more what you mean by a place being in the wrong state

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  1. Click on your profile icon on the top right.
  2. Choose Edit Observations.
  3. Your summary page with your Observations will appear.
  4. Go down to the Observation you wish to update.
  5. Look across to the right and you will see Edit under a description icon (icon may say ID Needed or Research Grade).
  6. Click on Edit.
  7. Google Maps will appear with the current location marked.
  8. Zoom in using the keyboard + button.
  9. Click and hold the marker with your left mouse button. Then move the marker to the correct location on Google Maps. Release the left mouse button.

If it’s someone else’s observation, only that person may fix the error. You, as a potential identifier, may choose to mark the observation as having an inaccurate location. To do that, on an individual observation page, scroll all the way to the bottom and click “thumbs down” on “location is accurate.”

There is this place.

In the location, it is shown as Melagiris, AP, IN
Meaning, Andhra Pradesh (state), India (Country)
Actually the location is in different state of Tamilnadu.
So “Melagiris, AP, IN” should actually be “Melagiris, TN, IN”.
So, need the help of a curator to edit this place.
Thanks a lot for the welcome.


I’ve fixed it for you :)

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