'Iconic Taxon Name' set by first ID rather than RG community ID in data exports

I just downloaded records of US maples (taxon ID = 47727). I was doing some quick sanity checking with the data and noticed that the Iconic Taxon Names included 5 records listed as Arachnida (2), Animalia, Fungi, or Mammalia. (Which is weird since they should all be Plantae).

Looking through the records, I think what’s happening is that the Iconic Taxon is set by the first ID suggested, even if that ID does not match the final community ID.

Full download request here:

Query has= photos &quality_grade= research &identifications= any &place_id= 1 &taxon_id= 47727 &verifiable= true

Columns id, observed_on_string, observed_on, time_observed_at, time_zone, out_of_range, user_id, user_login, created_at, updated_at, quality_grade, license, url, image_url, sound_url, tag_list, description, id_please, num_identification_agreements, num_identification_disagreements, captive_cultivated, oauth_application_id, place_guess, latitude, longitude, positional_accuracy, geoprivacy, taxon_geoprivacy, coordinates_obscured, positioning_method, positioning_device, place_county_name, place_state_name, place_country_name, place_admin1_name, place_admin2_name, species_guess, scientific_name, common_name, iconic_taxon_name, taxon_id


I’m not sure if I should open another report for this, but I also noticed that the research grade only download grabbed 3 observations that are listed as ‘casual’ in the data, but ‘research grade’ on the web (and therefore grabbed by the downloader I guess?). It looks like all of them have an ‘organism is not wild’ tag, but that’s either not reflected in the community data and a bug with the web interface, or shouldn’t show up as casual in the data download.


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i can reproduce the arachnid / maple inconsistency, but i can’t reproduce the research grade / casual inconsistency. i wonder if the research grade / casual inconsistency is due to timing somehow?


Just after I downloaded the data, the ones I listed above said ‘research grade’ when I clicked on them, but now they’re definitely showing as ‘casual’ I bet you’re right that it has something to do with timing.

@alexis18 – i think the remaining part of this bug report has been fixed. are you okay with closing this out?

I close this out by marking ‘solution’ or by deleting?


Only forum moderators and staff can close - and now it is done! Thanks for following up.