Ideas for the Observations edit page

Please move “Re-order photos” next to the photos panel!

I was about to ask for a new feature to re-order photos… and I fall on it.

Several times I deleted photos to upload them again one by one…


Changed the title to reflect the specific page referred to.

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I tend to agree with the idea of moving the “button” or at least making it bigger. It is rather easy to miss in its current incarnation.


Hell, I thought it’s not possible to reorder in browser version.


My biggest wish for the Obs edit page would be the ability to reorder photos simply by dragging around the photo thumbnails.
(editing to develop the idea:) Instead of having the map dominate the edit page, have your images take up most of the space and have the ability to drag to rearrange them.
Alternatively, have the edit page emulate the upload page, i.e your images turn into a grouped set of cards that you can rearrange or split into multiple obs by dragging around the cards.


I never saw that text at the bottom either. I had to ask the forum how to reorder photos.


I think the map is about the right size, but the space allocated to the photos on the “add media” portion could definitely be increased.

When linking to Flickr images it would be nice to be able to access your albums as well, not just your photostream. If you’re trying to link to a specific image that was taken a long time ago it’s a serious hassle to scroll back far enough to find it. Better if you had the option to click on your “birds” album (or “wildflowers” or “herpetofauna” etc) and go to the image from there.


But the map could work like it does in the upload page: that is, it only appears when you choose to edit the location.

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Personally I prefer to to have the map always visible and large.

It is one of the most important aspects of the observation and should retain a position of preeminence.

“always visible and large”.

on the edit page? I don’t get that. Why? The map is irrelevant when you are working on description, syncing photos, working on audio files, working on fields. The only thing it is relevant for is when you are working on the location data, during which time it could (like it does in the uploader) become the whole page.

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About the map, see also:
Ideas for a revamped Explore/Observations Search Page

About re-ordering photos, more people had the same difficulty:
How to change the order of photos?

Add “Your Pinned Locations” from the Upload Location modal to the Observation edit page.

Also allow the saving to “Your Pinned Locations” from the Observation edit page.


I’m curious, how often do folks go to this page? It’s something I rarely access, but maybe I’m in the minority.

  • Once a day
  • Once a week
  • Once a month
  • Less than once a month

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Yes, that, please!!! and bobmcd’s 2nd suggestion, ie allow saving to Pinned Location frm the Obs edit page

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Which page Tony? The Bulk Edit page?

“Edit Observations” “the Observations edit page”

Are they all the same one? and is it the same one you see when you have just completed an upload?

I should note that this is not a staff created topic, @jeanphilippeb created it. I assume they meant the page you get to when you click on the blue “Edit” button on an observation’s page, since that’s the screenshot they added.


Thanks Tony

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