Allow rearrangement of an observation's photos on desktop

Please add the ability to re-order photos in an observation’s “edit” screen on the desktop version. Currently (as far as I know) the only way to rearrange photos is by opening the observation in the mobile app and reordering them in the app’s edit screen, which can be a pain. Something simple in the desktop version, such as a drag-and-drop system, would be great.

I occasionally find myself duplicating an observation to feature a separate organism in the same series of photos (e.g. a wasp on a flower), but the best order of photos for a plant isn’t always the best order for the wasp present in the same photos.

Suppose I wanted to duplicate this observation to create an observation for the oleander aphids. I would probably deselect a few of the photos containing only the wasp, but it would be neat to have both the aphids and the wasp present in the aphid observation to show a cool interaction between the two species. The first few photos are pretty clearly focused on the wasp, so I’d like to rearrange the photo set so that the last few (the “mummified” aphids) show up first. But I’m sort of out of luck; my options are to save the observation as is and edit it on the mobile app, or re-upload the same photos to create a new observation from scratch.

Anyway, this is just my two cents, but it’d be a neat feature to see.

I agree; I have wondered why at least being able to set the default photo is not available in the web app. If it is a feature, I have not been able to hit upon how to do it.

are you already aware of the ability to reorder photos in the web version (see and just asking for a different (drag-and-drop) interface to accomplish this?


No, I wasn’t aware of that!! Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I think this post can be locked, in that case

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