Identification popup resizing based on the size of the suggestion strings on mobile

for the site loading in chrome on ios 13.3.1, midsize ipad

this is pretty fiddly but if you are identifying, opened an observation’s popup and are using the text box for Add Id, the popup window resizes (resize may be incorrect but there is a lot of flashy bouncing that gives that impression) depending on the lengths of the suggestions returned and it’s real bouncy. less bug than a bit of unpleasant visual distraction.

the first screenshot shows a super long string and the second the expected, unbouncy experience.

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I have seen this behavior too after recent updates, but using most recent Chrome on Win 10 PC.

i assume it’s based on taxon curation and/or adding spanish options in the parentheses, neither of which i think are the issue. just funky css overflows or similar.

Probably due to our site’s mobile-unfriendliness. I’ve got a iPad mini I can try it out on, but in general the site will have issues on mobile devices.

yeah, i figured i’d note it for whenever y’all hit that threshold of more users with mobile and time to deal with that. no worries.