Verifiable=false in url: strange behaviour

The verifiable=false parameter works in urls: returns 4.8 millions observations

If I then try to filter by birds, the resulting url changes to “verifiable=any”: HOWEVER it still returns only unverifiable observations (800 thousand of them)

If I hit the back button in my browser, I go back to the url: but it is now showing me both verifiable and unverifiable observations! (all 35 million)

If I then refresh the page I will go back to seeing only 4.8 million unverifiable observations, despite still having the same URL.

To summarise:

  • verifiable=false will change to verifiable=any in urls whenever I change another filter in the UI, but it will still only show unverifiable observations
  • This mismatch between the url and the observations shown will remain through multiple filter changes
  • As soon as I go back in my browser, the page will now show both verifiable and unverifiable observations, even if going back to the original page with “verifiable=false” in the url.
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It dont know if this is related, but I will put it here anyway.

Why are subspecies not verifiable?


but if I click off verifiable I get

Not the position of Protea caffra changes from 32 observations with verifiable=true to 10 observations with verifiable=any

If I click on the “10 observations” line in the verifiable=any screen, I get::
which displays 32 observations comprising:

  • 5 observations research grade & 27 needs id
  • 28 observations ID’d as subspecies falcata & 4 as subspecies caffra
  • 17 have more than one image & 15 have only one image
    Simply: I am baffled by what is happening. Where does the 32 (logical) vs 10 (how does iNat get to 10?) come from.

Note that this may change soon, as I am expecting confirmation of the IDs as South Africa wakes up.

it’s not quite the same functionally, but i bet there’s a common underlying technical cause in the thing i noted here: