In Identify modal, keyboard shortcuts lose focus after Lock Zoom Level

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Step 1: go to

Step 2: right-arrow to enter modal

Step 3: use some keyboard shortcuts

Step 4: zoom in on the map and tick “Lock zoom level”

Step 5: try using more keyboard shortcuts - no response

Step 6: workaround (minor annoyance, but still…) click mouse on a blank space in the activity pane (right pane) - keyboard focus is restored.

I’m pretty sure this is an effect of the browser, not iNaturalist. Consider what happens when you click into the comment box: you can’t use any keyboard shortcuts. The same thing happens with most other things.

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Yeah I’ve always had this issue. The ticked box is highlighted until something else is selected.

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Point taken, and reasonable for something like a comment box where typed text is the next expected input. But there is no further input expected for a checkbox, so I’m hoping iNat can do something at their end to return/maintain keyboard focus. Or otherwise, add a keyboard shortcut for Lock zoom level.

I think this is the only thing they could possibly do.

Anyway, this isn’t a bug, so, solve the thread? You could make a feature request.