Country jumps in and out of view on Identify

It takes the country a moment to load for each observation on Identify. When it loads, it pushes everything below it down the screen.

Sometimes it disappears and comes right back, moving the contents down and up and down / glitchy feeling.


Can you make this field take up a fixed space so that when it loads or disappears, that it doesn’t move any other content around?

(I use Chrome.)

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That’s not the only thing that bounces around for me. It might be unrelated, but I suspect not.
When I go to the suggestions tab in the Identify Modal, the taxon and place often jump around. Usually they will eventually settle on the correct info, but sometimes they don’t and I have to exit the modal to get them to refresh. If that’s not happening to you, I can post a separate bug report.

Might be an interaction with scroll anchoring? Chrome has had scroll anchoring since 2017, FireFox just gained scroll anchoring. Sometimes a fix for one problem generates unforeseen problems in other instances.

When we first added country to the Identify modal it would not always update if you went to the next observation, so we’re hiding the Country line until it loads as new. So, technically not a bug but I can see that can be irritating (although I don’t notice it myself). I’ll see if the space can remain fixed while country loads.

(In addition to when moving between observations) I mean that on the same observation, without moving forward or back to a different observation, the country will appear and disappear and appear.

Gotcha, I’m seeing it when I perform an action on an observation. I’ve just never noticed, or at least stopped noticing.

Alright, the Country line is now permanent, but you might still see some slight flickering because “somewhere on Earth” is the placeholder until the country name is loaded. Other lines should no longer shift, however.


So much better. Thanks team!

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