Identify Modal sometimes shows information from previous observation

I always thought it was a bug that the Identify Modal runs through data from previous observations when you click on Suggestions. Is that how it’s intended to work? I find that it really slows down my workflow, and that it often gets stuck such that I have to leave the Suggestions tab and come back (sometimes more than once) to get it to refresh to the data from the current observation.

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Happens to me as well. In the unlikely event it’s intentional, I find it highly irritating.
I wonder if it’s only an issue for users with slow internet loading times?

I’ve got quite fast internet at my place, my guess is it’s on the iNat and/or browser side, probably the former, especially if the site is busy. There is a lot going on on the Identify page, it’s pretty resource hungry and makes a lot of API calls. It’s certainly not intentional.

So would this be appropriate to report as a bug? I know I would very much appreciate a fix.

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For sure, but I can’t estimate when a fix might be, unfortunately.

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