In Identify page Filter, clicking "Reviewed" sets the observations to Reviewed

So when I am in the Identify page, and I click on Filters, for most fields whatever I fill in or check/tick controls what observations are returned from the resulting query. When I checked Reviewed = Yes, however, it set all the observations on the page to Reviewed. I would have thought it would not change data, and would simply be another parameter controlling the observations returned.

I observed it on the website using Firefox latest update.

did it change the “un-reviewed observations” to reviewed, or did it simply update the query result to show the reviewed results? Try it by filtering to a rarely observed taxa (so that the result set doesn’t alter dramatically while testing), and then note the first observation in the result. Change the filter to Reviewed=Yes, and then escape out and re-check that first obs. Change filter back to Reviewed=No and escape back out to check the first obs is back to what you were looking at the first time.

Every time you change a setting in the filters box, it waits a second or so, and then updates the result set. It does seem really silly to have the “Update search” button when it does that automatically with every change! Maybe there are some changes that aren’t updated straight away…

Argh! You are absolutely right! I had specified a species and didn’t do a better test before assuming, and we all know what that does lol.