Inaccurate message when leaving a collection project in iOS app

I have subscribed in some projects but then I thought those many projects were not my interest at all and made my projects list kinda desorganized; but then a i got into an interesting decision. I have done some contributions to those projects that are not my interest but i want my contribution to help those projects. Other projects still being my interest but are events that already gone, so not useful anymore. So it got acumulated.

Im asking here to new option when leaving a project. Basically leave the project without taking off your contributions. This could be an option when leaving the project.

Or maybe its kinda unnecessary to ask people when leaving the project if then want to remove all contributions from the project. Would be better if the option “remove all my registers from this project” where inside “About” option, to not encourage people taking off their registrations. An option to “I dont want to contribute to this project in future registrations” would be a nice cool option as well, in terms of giving people freedom to choose what they want.

What do you think about those ideias? Do you agree with some? desagree? Lets talk about it.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding something, but this is already an option when leaving a traditional project (see screenshot below). It is not needed for a “collection” project because your observations are included whether you’ve joined the project or not (i.e., everything that meets the parameters set by the project will be included automatically).


Thats kinda confusing me. When i try to leave a project in web the sentence is different from inat ios app. When i choose to leave a project in ios inat the options are those:

(Leving taking off your registres / cancel)

And in the web are those:

(Leave project / cancel)

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The project “Flora de Florianopólis” is a collection project. So, all observations on iNaturalist that meet the the parameters set by the project will be included automatically. You can safely leave the project and your observations in the project will remain in the project.

Edit to add: If you leave the project, the project badge (example screenshot below) will no longer display on your observation’s webpage. But don’t worry, your observations are still in the project.



If that is the case, then the sentence that pops up is inaccurate. The one on the app translates: “Are you sure that you want to leave this project? This will also remove your observations from the project.”


Correct, possibly the message is a holdover from before collection projects were a thing on iNat.

I updated the title of the topic and moved this to Bug Reports.

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