What happens when you leave a project?

Can I “leave” old projects that were short term and now inactive or will that negatively affect my results or the results of the project? I’d like to shorten my list. (Thinking of the discussion around the negative impact of deleting an iNat account.) Thanks

Leaving a project removes your observations from it. Unfortunately I don’t know of a way to leave a project without removing observations, or “archive” a project. Is such a thing currently impossible?

I think I’m correct in saying you can leave a project without taking your observations with you. Certainly, Collection projects such as bioblitzes can be left and your observations remain.

ETA: As an experiment, I just left a bioblitz project and all of my observations remained in the project.


Okay, I didn’t realize that. Thanks for the correction!

Without knowing exactly which project it is, it’s difficult to say. Is it a collection project that uses the “Project Members Only” requirement? If so, your observations will no longer be included in the project.


They are bioblitzes that occur every year during a Master Naturalist conference. The bioblitz runs for only 3 days and we do have to join to participate which is what prompted my question.

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