Leaving a Project

Looking at a Project on my iPhone, I pressed the “Leave” option under the project name on the page showing all the observations. The pop up says “Are you sure you want to leave this project?”

The two choices are “OK” and “Leave.” Which do I choose if I don’t want to leave the project (and delete all my observations)? This is very confusing and needs to be fixed as the choices are not clear. I am not able to exit this page without selecting one of the two choices.


Hmmm, this seems to not apply to the web browser. When I try to leave a project there, I get “Cancel” or “Confirm” which is much clearer. I can also click away and the choice disappears. Can anyone look at what the choices are on Android app?

I agree that these options are confusing and seems like it would be a fairly easy fix.

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Yes, much clearer when using web browser. No problem there. However, on iPhone, I’m stuck on the page with the pop up :persevere:

since the original post notes iOS, i assume you’re just trying to make sure no other potential problems exist. there is no problem in the Android app, and presumably there will be no problem in iOS once the codebases for the two apps are unified.

here’s how it looks in Android right now:

Try closing the app, and then shutting it down via closing background apps (on an iphone that’s done by dragging the screen so you can see the apps that had been recently used, then flicking the relevant one off the screen).

Or just restart your phone.

Either of those should force the app to restart from scratch when you next open it and should get you out of where you’re stuck.


Yep, just wanted to see if there were any issues there that could be addressed as well. Looks like it is just the iOS app that has the confusing wording.

Thanks earthknight. Shutting the iPhone off and on did the trick. It closes the app w/o removing one from the project :smiley:

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