Inactive taxon suggested by computer vision

Taxon 244002, Diceroprocta viridifascia sensu lato, was inactivated during a taxon split on July 27th, 2020, but as of today, August 11th, it still appears in the computer vision suggestions (example observation).

Computer vision suggestions that were split should probably be bumped to the common ancestor of the output taxa instead (in this case, the genus Diceroprocta, which is already suggested).


Because there are now an active an inactive version I think. When Diceroprocta virdifascia viridifascia and v. beqauerti were split, any not at subspecies became Diceroprocta and D. viridifascia was made inactive but automatically re-created by the taxon split. (I think that’s what happened).

D. viridifascia is a valid name so it needs to be an option, I think it just got doubled up.

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From staff:

I agree with @bouteloua, it would be nice to handle splits by moving up to the common ancestor rather than suggesting inactive taxa.

This taxon split happened 8 months before the CV-suggested ID.


This issue is still happening:

Interestingly when I try to pick something from the AI suggestions, the inactive one isn’t even shown as an option for me???