iNat app crashing

How can I fix/stop my iNat app from crashing on my Samsung Galaxy S7?

I have founf the longer I use the Android App the slower it becomes and then its starts to crash. The first time I had this issue I reinstalled the app and that worked. Most recently I just cleared its data and that worked:

  1. Settings
  2. Storage
  3. Other Apps
  4. select iNaturalist from the list of apps
  5. Clear all “User data”

Different versions of Android will be slightly different. The data that gets cleared is just data associated with the app on your phone and not related to records on iNaturalist. After clearing the User data it will be like a fresh install so you will need to log in again with the app to associate to your iNat account.

PS. Your original query was quite brief as you didn’t even state when this crash happens but it looks like it might be at startup?


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It happens to me all the time as well.

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It’s really difficult to diagnose an issue without specific details, like if the app crashes consistently when you so something. Also, the next time it crashes please re-open the app (if you can) and send us log files from it. That should help us understand the cause of the crash.

To send log files, go to the About tab in the app and tap three times on the version number. You will then have the option to email the log files to us. Please reference this topic when you send the logs.


Sorry about that, yea it crashes when I start it up.

Ah, that’s how you get to the log files. It was running slow for me a few weeks ago and I just cleared the data to fix it. Its just a matter of long time use that it starts to slow and eventually it will crash even on startup. I’m not sure about @blastcat but I have it set to not upload automatically so perhaps that causes the issue. Oh well, next time it starts crashing its time to send a log file.

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